The Reason That Smurfing In League of Legends Is So Attractive!

There is a load of reasons why you should buy a LoL smurf, and we will have a go at making a list of the top 6 here!

Learning A Different Role

Speaking from experience learning a new role is hard. I was someone who mained support for 5 seasons and swapping to a new role is much harder thank you might know.

this is because it’s very tricky to improve when you are not in a competitive environment, and naturally you most likely do not want to see all your cherished elo vanish into nothingness. You also want to avoid being raged at by angry teammates for sucking a little hard as first time Cassiopeia.

In that case you need a 3rd choice, unless of course you love being told that you’re a disgrace and need nothing more than to have your elo wash away.

Playing On A New Region

Everyone have got an online friend these days and it’s more than likely that plenty of them live in a foreign region. If you desire to play games with them then there are two ways you can do it:

The first option is to change regions but this starts to add up over time. Unless you have money to burn then buying a LoL smurf is the best option you have. This information also goes for players who are overseas by the military. Being away from your family can be tricky anyway, so why give up on League of Legends

You can see why you might need an account in a different region, but it also applies to folks looking to play whilst overseas on a getaway. With that said hundreds of guys from all across the world spend tons of dollars so they can play on an Bronze LoL smurf. But why though? Read on to find out!

Why Spend On A Silver Account?

We’ve done some investigating into this, and what we’ve found could surprise you. First off. there’s a issue that effects multiple League of Legends players every season: That annoying noobish pal.

They might be the sweetest guy you have ever come across. The minute you get onto LoL he is there. First he hits you with the: “Hello friend, in the mood for a few matches? c:”and of course you have to say no. Why? Because, it’s either that or you play with him and weep as your LP get flushed away.

That is one option an alternative is ghosting him, which will eventually build up resentment, particularly if you ignore him and then instantly join game the minute he is in one.

The fix is fairly simple, just purchase a League of Legends account. That way you’re able to play games with your bad buddy and also gain some gratitude to boot, and why not, you are pushing them up to Gold, and the fact that you’re destroying scrubs is a nice bonus.

Thanks to poor decisions made to the game, you can no longer play with players who are two ranked divisions below them, but by playing on a smurf you have an simple loophole. And, it means you get a few nice skins to boot, which brings us to our next point.

Smurfing Nets You Some Excellent Swag Points


Why do people spend an absurd amount of bucks on shirts that have nothing but the fact that they are made by a well known brand? Because of the same reason they blow all their earnings on costly cars and houses.

Folks get a kick out of flaunting, and for an excellent reason too – folks will treat differently around you if they think you have some type of status, and the same goes for League of Legends. If you own some cool cosmetic changes then your teammates will be impressed, and immediately think you know more about League of Legends than you actually do.

Another reason you might want to buy a smurf is because you’re a tilting piece of garbage.

Flaunting Your Diamond Smurf

Similar to the reasons mentioned above, owning a Gold account will net you tons of attention. In addition to that, a Diamond account will be guaranteed toget you the seasons epic Victorious skin. not to mention the fact that owning a account means you can hide it away for a couple of months and then sell it on as most discontinued skins will only gain value in time, which means that you can be stylish for a few years then pass on the account for plenty of bucks!

A Word Of Warning

We’re sure that our list has helped convince you to buy a LoL account but be careful of where you buy from, as most them will rob you blind. If you want to avoid this make sure you read up on different sellers, we recommend the top smurf account supplier, UnrankedSmurfs.

If you follow these steps then you will find plenty of enjoyment from your excellent League of Legends account!

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