The Reason That Everyone Really Should Purchase A League of Legends Account

There’s a ton of reasons why you should buy a League of Legends smurf, and we shall have a go at making a list of the top 10 here!

Learning A New Role

Speaking from experience learning a new role is hard. I was a support main for 5 seasons and adapting to a brand new role is tricker thank you may think.

The reason for this is because it is very tricky to improve when you are not in a challenging environment, and understandably you most likely don’t wish to see all your valuable league points vanish leaving you in Bronze V. You also want to avoid being raged at by salty teammates for being kinda bad as first time Yasuo.

Well you have to find a 3rd choice, unless of course you like being told that you’re bronze bonobo and desire nothing more than to have your elo fade away.

Playing On A New Server

Most people have got an online friend these days and it seems likely that many live in a foreign country. If you want to play with them then there are 2 ways you can make it happen:

The first option is to change servers but this starts to add up over time. Unless you have money to burn then grabbing a League of Legends account is your only choice. This information also applies to people who are deployed by the army. Being away from home can be hard anyway, so why go through the suffering of quitting League of Legends

You can see why you would need an account in a different server, but it can also apply to anyone looking to enjoy LoL whilst away from home on holiday. That being said tons of players from all around the planet spend vaults of money in order to play on an low level LoL smurf. But why though? Read on to find out!

Jarvan Shyvana

Why Throw Away Money On A Low Level Account?

We have done plenty of research into this, and our findings will surprise you. For example. there is a issue that effects multiple LoL players every day: That bubbly low elo buddy.

He might be the sweetest guy you have ever had the misfortune of meeting. The second you get onto LoL he’s there. First he hits you with the: “Hi, feel like playing some games? 😊”and of course you have to say no. Why? Because, it’s either that or you join his match and grimace as your league points vanish.

That’s one possibility if that fails then you could try pretending to be afk, which will eventually build up resentment, especially if you ignore him and then quickly go in a game the minute he is in one.

The solution is quite simple, just pick up a LoL smurf. by doing this you’re able to play games with your unskilled duo partner and also get some praise to top it off, and why not, you’re pushing them up to Gold, and the fact that you are destroying poor players is a sweet bonus.

Thanks to poor decisions made to the game, people can no longer play with players who are two ranked tiers below them, but by smurfing you have an easy loophole. And, it means you get some rare skins to boot, which brings us to our next point.

Playing On A Smurf Nets You Some Excellent Swag Points

Why do folks spend an insane amount of dough on trousers that have nothing but the fact that they’re made by a popular brand? Because of the same reason they spend all their savings on costly cars and houses.

Folks get a kick out of showing off, and for a great reason too – folks will act differently around you if they believe you have some type of status, and the same is true LoL. If you own some epic skins then your allies will be impressed, and instantly think you know more about LoL than you really do.

Another reason you might want to buy a smurf is because you are a feeder.

Flaunting Your Master Smurf

Similar to the reasons mentioned above, owning a highly rated account will grant you tons of attention. In addition to that, a Challenger smurf will be guaranteed tolet you have the seasons epic Victorious skin. that’s not all, possessing a smurf means you are able to save it for a couple of months and then sell it on since the majority of vintage skins will only gain value over time, which means that you can be stylish for a couple of years then sell the account for plenty of bucks!

To Wrap It Up

We are sure that our list has convinced you to purchase a LoL smurf but be cautious of where you buy from, since tons of them will take the cash and dash, If you want to avoid this be certain to read up on different sellers.

If you do then you’ll find plenty of enjoyment from your awesome League of Legends account!

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